Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas in the late 1950's

My 2 brothers and I.   Love the tinsel hanging on the tree.  Happy times!


  1. how bout 7 yrs... dirt racing motorcycle... what ever happened to the tractors , trucks and fire engines that they made go putt, putt, putt... blows me away... there is not one thing left to do { if you grow up and not hurt yourself first} as they age cause they have done it all. I have a 11 yr. old grandson who has done more thn I have at 69 going on 70. scary...

  2. What a beautiful, happy memory! Look at your faces, full of excitement and joy at Christmas time! LOVE IT!

  3. Oh yes...I remember the tinsel...lots of tinsel! Does anyone even decorate with tinsel anymore? ~Deb~

  4. What a very sweet picture! Time flies so fast!
    Happy Holidays!
    ~ Jo :)