Thursday, March 31, 2011



No I am not on a weird diet. Yesterday while on the computer, something hit the glass door REALLY hard. Usually Bubba & Dazy are laying right in front of this door. I saw what it was and ran out and scooped it up on this paperplate(Stretcher). It looked dead , but from a previous experience I just watched it. It was still breathing! Poor little guy was stunned pretty bad, After 30 minutes he stood up. Then after 15 minutes he took flight! Thank you Jesus, it was not his time! Nurse Judy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Finished the chalkboard yesterday. Maybe some more distressing. Needs some bling or something. judy

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Future Chalkboard


Got this 4$ mirror piece Friday. Should finish in a few days. Got a coat of light pink on it. Have a piece of wood I painted with chalkboard paint. Will show after done. judy

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bloom Texas!

These are my favorite things about Spring in Texas!! The buttercups are blooming too, will get some of those shots later. Most are on the sides of the busy highways. Too hard to shoot and drive. haha! It's a gloomy day and cooler ,boo! After Saturday's 83 this is not good. Warm weather ahead. Have a great day where ever you are! judy

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hopping to The Booth

old hoosier w/ lid to sifter also

Taking some things to my space today and thru the week! Finally taking the great hoosier to my booth while the muscles are around. Sold a dresser so time to fill in again. Work Work! judy

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Estate Sale

Painted suitcase with some dressup junk 2$

old keys 1$ for all
4$ dresser piece , iron hat rack 50 cents

liverpool england ironstone free

Hit an Estate sale this morning, already in full swing. Wish I had got their earlier . Just got a small amount today. I am saving for Canton. I think I was more excited with the old keys than anything. The guy claims one of the keys is from WW2 , it has a can opener on it. Crazy! Got a few canning jars and green dishes 3$ for all. Wood ladder for bunk beds trash by curb , freebie! Well I am off to get my hair cut and high lights. Not fun but necessary. judy

Thursday, March 24, 2011


These are a few that are in bloom now. The gold and white and another pink are not out yet.

A Little Old & A Little New

Got these at "Smitten" Mc Kinney, Tx

Great Old Street Sign At "Antique Co. "

Concrete stand at "T.J. Maxx" and cool seed holder at "Antique Co."

Cool eggs at "Home Goods''

I went in search of a ruffled bedspread at "Home Goods". (Allen, Tx.) No luck ,all gone! Foowee! Went home by the way of Mc Kinney, Tx. Stopped by "Smitten" got small eggs and lavender. I love old street signs with garden names, flowers,etc. Just planted 15 rose bushes so the " Rosebrook Dr. "sign looked cool. Spring is so here! Had the top down on the Mustang! yea! It will be HOT before ya know it. Canton is SOON!!!!! I am ready! judy

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No JuNk In THis TRunk

chippy goodness

Wow , this has been a windy day! On our way back from dinner Mr. Shabby Junk and I spied these. The bottom is gone on the chippy trunk but MSJ thinks he can cut down and add one. We will see. The Dr. Pepper crate was filled with creepy spiders and webs. Did not like handling that! They will get a bath tomorrow for spider removal. judy

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have been working out with Gilad off and on since the 80's. Usually I start around Feburary with the exercise. This year I got lazy and it shows alot! Everyone was wearing shorts this week. Except me. I really like walking the best. I have used hand weights over the years , so now the arms are flabby. You can Never stop using weights! Starting again with Gilad I can see how old I have become. I know that cutting back and diet works, it's the only true way to lose. I am short,, so 2 pounds show. I am typing this as I cool down from sweating. Florida usually gets me thinking thin. The message is NEVER QUIT!! I am 57 and going out with muscle! Now where's the ice cream?? haha! not really! Judy

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cleaning Frenzy

distressed the distressed door

cleaned inside

uh oh forgot the chandy!

cleaned the counter and sink

Painted the door on the shed & cleaned inside
. Even Dazy is tired! judy

2 Crazy People

front bed
new cushion yea!

fountain turned flowerpot

sidebed partial


path of destruction

This weekend was alot of yard work. We deceided Saturday to rip out the big shrubs on the side of the house and continue roses. We did the front bed during the week. Planted 15 rose bushes of all colors. We had to dig out old dirt and put in landscape cloth, landscape mix (30 bags), roses, and YES chicken wire!! My dogs like to come in the front and dig holes in the beds. I will cover it up with dirt later. This was the only way. Our back yard is so small we let them in the front during the day. Not sure what I will put in front of the roses, maybe Allysium, it's small. Getting to old for this kind of labor. It looks so much better! This was all because my husband said everything looked too overgrown. We are way too ambitious(Insane). Mr. Shabby Junk is a go getter so at least it gets done in high speed. I bought a new cushion for the glider on the porch and guess who laid their, yes ,Dazy ! Happy Monday! judy

Sunday, March 20, 2011