Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Little Junkin Day

Child's long coat
Old French books
 Religious Crucifix's
Went to a couple of Antique Mall's yesterday.  Got a couple of things I love.   I collect crucifix's, rosaries,  and old religious items.  ( and everything else)    I will use one  old french book for a project.   Had to have the vintage child coat, thought it was a christening gown at first.    Christmas money to burn , ya know.


  1. LOL...Christmas money to burn....mine is long gone (I bought groceries)
    I want that COAT!!!! That is way way cute.
    And I too, love the old vintage religious grotto stuff. Have had it, sold it, had it again and so the cycle never ends....Something so interesting about them old pieces.
    Happy Wed....Amy

  2. Christmas money...I have none left. If I did maybe I could take a class, learn some Anyway, love the crosses. I too collect rosaries. Even before I was Catholic. They are just so beautiful.