Friday, January 14, 2011

So cute ...So Ugly

WHY WHY????  These are my neighbors pups. They have been inbred at least 3 times.  Mom and sons.  The litter is down to 3.  Look at the difference in size and looks.  There is also a light tan one.  There  is even some Rottweiller I think.???   I call the smaller one piglet. His feet are stumpy like a pigs and he snorts.   What are these people thinking ?? They also keep them all!


  1. I LOVE dogs and these guys are so very ugly that yes, they're cute! But I agree, what's up with the owners????? Shelters are FILLED with dogs looking for homes, why would someone just keep breeding and breeding? It's unethical AND it's very irresponsible! But ... it's not the pups' fault!

  2. I know Lisa, just don't understand it myself. I always have my animals fixed before they are 6 months old.

  3. Ohhh. I hate when people aren't responsible pet owners. He does look like a piglet! ~Mindy