Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Got the pool up this weekend!  Just lounging around.  Deceided to quit the junk business.  My back has been hurting for a month. Too much lifting.  I will still do some junking and Canton, just for me.    hugs  judy


  1. You are the 2nd gal that has made that decision...and I'm thinking about giving up one of the places that I sell at this fall after I sell more stuff...
    Have FUN in your pool..not pool weather here!

  2. I had to give it up a few years back....but,I will always love junk :) Your pool looks good...it was so hot today!
    Hope your back is better soon....blessings

  3. You are crazy, you won't quit the business. Just take off a week or so, goofy girl. My back always hurts, but the rest of me is still in love with my work.
    This is a fabulous life, we have. It's in the blood!

  4. Shelley, Deb and Leslie, thanks to u all . Leslie I know what you are saying about this being in the blood. I just can't lift things any more. Been down 2 days with back spasms. I never had back problems before. I do love this crazy business. hugs judy