Thursday, May 19, 2011

White on White

Found more white ironstone at  the sales.  Love how peaceful it makes my house.    judy


  1. Geez Louise, that white is gorgeous! Looks regal! And, you are so funny with the diary comment! Have a great weekend. Guess what? Tomorrow Wester Costume, the biggest costume company in the world, catering to the movie studios is having a sale. I'm going. I'll post the things I buy!

  2. Western Costume, I'm so excited my mind is faster than my fingers

  3. Hi Judy, I am delighted you visited The Vintage Nest. I love white ironstone and cream ware too. Last weekend, at a church yard sale, as soon as I walked in the door I spotted a large English ironstone pitcher. It had a little chip on the opening edge but that didn't bother me as I use them mostly for display. 50 cents. I thought I would pick it up on the way out so I didn't have to carry it around. HUGE MISTAKE. Three minutes lady I turned around and it was in the hands of the lady behind me. I gasped! I will never do that again. :)