Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good One

Well,    after a pretty bad summer of pickings, found these.   Yesterday found the Mc Coy Pottery for a steal.  Their was a garage full of bottles but she would not sell.  Went by this morning and their was a small table of bottles.  Oh , but the motherlode of bottles lie in the old garage shelves.  Will be waiting.  The old highchair will be restored for the grandbaby in March.  It is oak under the paint.  The next sale was a few streets away.  Walked up and picked up the old boxes. Then lots of costume jewelry.  I picked the cheapest and best.  I didn't realise what 2 things I would get excited about until I got home.  I got out my jewelry loop and found out the ring was really gold.  The stone was a ruby but worn on top and scuffed.  For $5.00 I still love it. Will try to restore.  Next is the locket.  I see no markings on it,but when I opened it their were 2 old pictures inside!   Bonus!!    O happy day!!!   judy

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