Friday, August 19, 2011

Smitten with McKinney Texas

vintage shoes from antique mall
burlap bird at "Smitten"
turquoise stove from Farmersville 20% off
One of my favorite stores in McKinney, Texas.  It was really hot today but not enough to stop me.  Looked at some "Chalk Paint" at "Smitten".  Don't know about it yet but when I do it's there,, all colors!  The tiny turquoise stove reminds me of the house I grew up in . The kitchen was all turquoise!  Fridge, stove, telephone,  everything!  My parents have passed on so this is a reminder of those days on Londonderry Lane in Dallas.  Stay Cool!  judy


  1. Cute stove and fridge. I have had friends use chalk paint and loved it. Well, it's only about 79 here today. We had early morning fog, so It was perfect weather for garage saling. We bought a huge gorgeous 4 piece stained glass window. Plus, by the side of the road, I found 3 white 7' tall shutters. Woohoo! We also bought a windup Victrola. Guy has been wanting one for years, and he as a lot of 78 records that don't play on our turntable. I bought him some old cowboy songs from the 30's and he played them. They sounded great. That's it. Take care,

  2. the stained glass window is in 4 pieces. I don't know, yet, how to hang it.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. So sorry for your high temps. Who can do anything in that kind of heat? I get migraines with high temps. L.A. has had the mildest spring and summer weather I can remember, and I've been here since 1961!