Friday, April 1, 2011

Canton or Bust

1928 " baby dimples"
cute celluloid doll
small fur
bird feeder

assorted stuff
old basket and enamelware
2 orphans for my collection and glove molds for 8$
wonderful bottle rack , jars, sign,hands
cute spice jars

Ok great day at Canton. Sun shining 85 degrees! Got there at 7:45 to get a really close parking spot since I unload frequently. Remember the Estate sale 2 weeks ago where I was carrying a spice set around an some guy said it was his(NOT). Ok I saw him a Canton and looked for it and I got it after talking him down. I knew how much he paid. Went by "Girls Gone Junkin" and introduced myself to Cathy.Always amazing! They had some great things. I was pretty tired from the back 40 shopping all morning ,so I looked pretty scruffy! My hair was awful. I was so excited I almost forgot who I was! Got alot of great deals! Then on my way out of town I deceide to stop at "Laurie Anna's Vintage "store. Just heavenly! Spent too much money but I love the bottle rack!!! Poor Laurie was BUSY! Love that place. After 45 minutes getting close to home I went by my booth for a check(payday). So want to go back. Saw some mannequins that I liked. Hmmm! Maybe! Look a little red. Great day!!! Hope yours was good too. judy judy


  1. FUN, FUN, FUN!!
    Love the little, pretty spice jars!

  2. Great stuff. Iwent to an antique store's closing days. Got $300 worth of stuff for $100. I was so thrilled. Just stumbled upon it after having lunch with friends. I'm glad we got good stuff. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love your babies and that neat bottle rack....looking for something like that for my yard :) Blessings

  4. Hi Judy! Thanks for dropping by the Shoppe, yes I was BUSY! It was crazy busy! Love all the things you bought, thanks for supporting us!