Thursday, April 28, 2011

Canton Rawks!

It was 75 and sunny! Beauty of a day. No wind, just comfy. Left around 7:00.  Lots of beautiful plants, got a few.   I got most of my things at the   2$ and 1$ tables. The last nine pics are what I  got.   Good pickins today.  Tomorrow I will go back and hit the $1 tables again!  How about the gas sign.????  It cost me alot in my husbands gas guzler today but who cares, It's Canton!       judy

1 comment:

  1. I adore the flag glider. I want it. I need it. Great day for you, huh! Yesterday I did a swap meet at the beach. I go a major sunburn but made good money. I'm hooked and want to do it every Wed. Now I have money for the antique show this weekend. Woohoo. I'll take pics too.
    Love ya, Judy,