Tuesday, April 5, 2011


after cleaning

I deceided to look up the doll I got Friday at Canton Flea. I found out on Ebay that she is from 1928 and was called "Baby Dimples". I cleaned her up pretty good. She had alot of surface dirt. This was a popular doll and after looking in the big doll bed,, I spotted a smaller version . This one is a good sized doll with moveable arms and head, tin eyes. My grandson came up to me and said I had 27 dolls. Guess I better stop before they take over. judy


  1. i believe baby dimples is a horsman doll.....does ur new old baby have the markings on the back of her/his neck.

    i purchased my first compo baby on ebay and it happened to b a horsman.....i will never part w my sweet baby but i have added horsman and unmarked dolls to my collection

  2. Sheri, yes it is, E.I. H.Co. Inc on back of neck. Thanks! judy

  3. Love your dolly...this post title really caught my eye right away....I have bathed a many rescued dolls...I would love to see your crib with all those 24 dollies :)

  4. The bed is getting smaller everyday. It was an old toddler bed. Wish I had my old iron baby bed back now. judy

  5. How cute! I have "a few" too. If I think they are cute I buy them. My daughter thinks they are creepy. You know who is getting them in my will;) lol
    ~Debra xxx
    capers of the vintage vixens