Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Calender Says fall But.......

Hyacynth Bean vine

the big pumpkin
oversized sunflowers
my mantle

porch table

grandaughter and cart
favorite things

pink candy corn from" Rose Petals and Rust"

These are images from my house.   It's in the 80's here in Texas.  Hard to get in the mood. Just started to decorate.      judy


  1. Hi, Thanks for the tip on the pumpkins. I thought I had followed your blog a long time ago...I am now! I thought of you yesterday when I took that birdcage I bought from your booth down from the top of an armoire. I put it where it can be better seen and put a crow back in it. I really love it.

  2. Love the party hat on the bust. Hey, I've missed you. Where've you been? Are you alright? I love your mantel. I like groupings of things. I did that in my booth, for Halloween. I put up a shelf and put scary things on it. I haven't done a thing, for halloween, in my house. too busy elsewhere. Maybe I'll get the urge this weekend. It's kind of hard to think fall when it's 100 degrees outside. I think this weekend will be cooler. I hope so. going to a flea market on Sunday and don't want to melt away before I find more Christmas stuff. I have a trunk under my desk, and haven
    t looked into it for 2 years. I opened it up last night and found fabulous christmas ornaments I'd forgotten I'd bought. Wow, it's just like Christmas Morning. I'm "stoked"!
    anyway, good to see you back. Love you,

  3. Great pictures....Happy Fall...80's are so much better than the 100's :)

  4. Thanks for visiting me on my blog, Judy. Sorry to hear about your mom-in-law not feeling well. Hope she is better now. Did you finish the table? Are you going to post a pic of it? It's ok to talk on the blog. I don't care, if you don't.
    Have a great weekend, sweetie, darling.