Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I know . Why am I still redoing furniture when I no longer have a booth???  Ok, Leslie it's in the blood.   I forgot the before shot and just started sanding yesterday.  It's done, and I do love the results.  ................   Judy


  1. You are so funny, Jude! I know it's in the blood. That's why I got a booth, too much stuff in and around the blood. Love your little table. IT's perfect, and I love the birdie. I just got a metal birdie with it's own bent stand and I'm going to use it as a template to cut out old cookie tins. I want to cut out a flock of birdies and attache them to a wooden angel I have.
    I also bought another empty Victorian photo album, to make another box. It's so funny that you can go for months with no artistic inspiration, then all of a sudden you have 4 or 5 projects either started or still in your head.

  2. Boy, you are quick on the draw. I just posted. I have already done 2 panels, but want to wait til' tomorrow to post.