Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Repeat Of Last Week

thrift store find
40% off sale
before in red

Here we go again.  Just like last week.   Ice then snow. Around 16 degrees.  I went to Forney yesterday and found a few things. (above) Changed the birdcage already.  Will be in high 60's by weekend!   69 on Sunday.  Made a big breakfast for us and the dogs.    They are staying warm in their heated garage.    judy


  1. Hi Judy ~ Aren't you glad this nasty winter will soon be coming to an end? Love the 'after' birdcage ... nice colour change!

  2. Lisa I will be glad for springtime! I think we will get some this weekend around 69 degrees for Sunday. Thanks, I like the green better than red on the birdcage. judy