Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shades Of White

 I got these cute bloomers over the weekend.  I like how they are in the shadows of the window. Should scare the neighbors!    My poor husband. This is my side of the bedroom.  Today is Cold.     Started at 14 degrees and now 19 at 11:00.  The sun is in and out and so is the electricity. Oncor is doing a rolling blackout thing.  I have a few gas jets in my house so no problem.    Happy day to all. Keep warm!      Judy


  1. Judy,
    I LOVE YOUR's like a magazine cover...YUMMY!!!
    The bloomers are precious and thanks for sharing.
    Stay warm,
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  2. Halo Judy,
    thank you for visiting my Bouquet of Tulle Roses blog, and so appreciate your commenting. I live in Fort Worth, Texas and it is cold here also with the same power problems you mentioned. It hasn't been this cold here in quite sometime has it- burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I really like your blog so I decided to follow along, hope you would consider doing the same for me on my Bouquet blog.
    Thank you again, I think we are pretty close in age, I'm 58. So great to find a new friend. Where is Royce city located? Guess I should know as I'm a native Texan. Please stay warm and have a nice February Day.

  3. Hi Judy, I keep meaning to tell you that a friend and I stopped by your booth last weekend after redoing my space in McKinney, but we were in a hurry to get to a place before it closed and couldn't stay long. Loved our booth. I'll have to stop by when I have more time. Have a good one, Theresa

  4. oh, that room is gorgeous!! love the sun shining thru.

  5. I love the bloomers...what a great idea! Stay warm...I had no electricity this morning...ugh!

  6. Theresa, I go to Mckinney every month or so. Loke that antique mall.

  7. Hi Judy
    Your room is wonderful, but I know my husband would laugh if I put bloomers up anywhere...
    It is cold there, colder there then here today but the deep freeze is coming in tonight. Hope we can leave by noon tomorrow, if the interstates are open! That shutting off the electric would not sit well with me, I need a warm house or I get crabby :)

  8. Glad I still have those old gas jets in my house. Who cares if they shut that electricity off.

  9. Lovely bedroom! Love the bloomers in the window!

  10. Love your is so pretty...I know of another blog owner that had this same idea...only her line is in her living room window...don't know if you know of her but her blog is Wish upon a is the link if you would like to visit...blessings

  11. Shelley, I actually did something like this in my booth. Thanks for letting me know about the other blog. judy