Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Old & A Little New

Got these at "Smitten" Mc Kinney, Tx

Great Old Street Sign At "Antique Co. "

Concrete stand at "T.J. Maxx" and cool seed holder at "Antique Co."

Cool eggs at "Home Goods''

I went in search of a ruffled bedspread at "Home Goods". (Allen, Tx.) No luck ,all gone! Foowee! Went home by the way of Mc Kinney, Tx. Stopped by "Smitten" got small eggs and lavender. I love old street signs with garden names, flowers,etc. Just planted 15 rose bushes so the " Rosebrook Dr. "sign looked cool. Spring is so here! Had the top down on the Mustang! yea! It will be HOT before ya know it. Canton is SOON!!!!! I am ready! judy


  1. Judy ~ I am so envious of your life! Normally, I am sitting here behind my desk at work, reading about all your excursions and drooling over all your finds! There's something terribly wrong with this picture! Please be sure to share photos of all those roses once they're blooming!

  2. Lisa, My life is pretty ordinary. I will post the roses pretty soon. I enjoy talking to ya. Taking photos is cheap entertainment! thanks judy

  3. Love the old sign and those letter eggs! More things to covet :)

  4. Love the seed holder and letter eggs..I have never been to the shops in McKinney but hear they really have some cute ones!
    Cathy aka GGJ