Monday, March 21, 2011

2 Crazy People

front bed
new cushion yea!

fountain turned flowerpot

sidebed partial


path of destruction

This weekend was alot of yard work. We deceided Saturday to rip out the big shrubs on the side of the house and continue roses. We did the front bed during the week. Planted 15 rose bushes of all colors. We had to dig out old dirt and put in landscape cloth, landscape mix (30 bags), roses, and YES chicken wire!! My dogs like to come in the front and dig holes in the beds. I will cover it up with dirt later. This was the only way. Our back yard is so small we let them in the front during the day. Not sure what I will put in front of the roses, maybe Allysium, it's small. Getting to old for this kind of labor. It looks so much better! This was all because my husband said everything looked too overgrown. We are way too ambitious(Insane). Mr. Shabby Junk is a go getter so at least it gets done in high speed. I bought a new cushion for the glider on the porch and guess who laid their, yes ,Dazy ! Happy Monday! judy


  1. Looks great ! Wish I had your energy ,I've got so much work to do.

  2. Thanku! You probably hold full time jobs. I am tired but it has to be done. Cleaned the potting shed today. judy

  3. I am laughing while reading your post...especially the part about getting to old for this! I too feel your pain today....I helped paint furniture, cleaned out flower beds, and then decided to do a garage speed cleaning coarse...only I was the only one taking it!, I am a bit on the sore side! Oh well...Happy Spring! Cathy aka GGJ