Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Fishys

Some of you know I have a pond on the side of my yard. Yesterday the fish were loving this weather. Here are a few shots I took. These are pretty big fish. We lost 3 big Koi last year. There are around 20 Koi and Fantail gold fish. They are like dogs when the want food. judy


  1. I did NOT know you had Koi! They are beautiful. One of my very best friends breeds Koi here in Southern Ontario. I'm sorry you lost 3 big ones ~ do you know what happened to them? I know they can live for a long time. I love your photos of their sweet little faces, searching for food.

  2. Lisa, no they just died the same day. Nothing with the water or disease. They were really big ones. The weather had changed suddenly that's all we know. I had them from very small.

  3. At my old house, I used to have an outdoor goldfish pond. (It supposedly wasn't deep enough for koi.) Anyway, I had one of those suction mouthed fish in there too. One day, my dog Coco - who is on my blog a lot, was running around the yard with that fish in her mouth. He was prone to getting out of the water by she probably found him in the grass. She was ever so gently carrying him around. I took him out of her mouth and put him back in the water and he lived, believe it or not. But one day, he got out and never made it back to the water. I really think he was a fish trying to learn to live on land.