Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mc Kinney Road Trip

Took a little trip to" The Antique Co. Mall" and "Smitten" in Mc Kinney,Texas. Got these few things. My husband likes the taffey from "Mom and Pop's" candy store so that was the reason for heading that way. Had to get him a couple of pounds of vanilla taffey. Saw some great things. Took alot of photos down the back roads getting there. Will have to go back soon! judy


  1. I was just thinking it was time
    for a McKinney trip again ~
    I think the spring weather makes
    me want to just hang out at
    the shops on the square ~


  2. I'm ready for a buying trip, myself. I love my husband's and my road trips. We stop at the music stores for him and the thrift and antique stores for me.