Saturday, March 5, 2011

Inspired By" Surburban Retreat's" Lisa

Was not sure what to post today. I have been rearranging my booth today.  There is nothing I love more than stainglass. Then I saw the pretty lamp of Lisa's.   I have sold alot over the past few years in my booth's.  I don't know what it is that attracts me so. Here is a little from my house.  Lisa has a beautiful new lamp at "Surburban Retreat".   Take a looksy.                        judy


  1. Hi Judy ... I'm thrilled to see you've decided to share your stained glass pieces! Absolutely gorgeous! That dragonfly lamp is a common design of Tiffany's and that vintage door is so beautiful! Where does it lead to?

  2. I love and sell stained glass too. I took a class years ago. The window turned out ok, but, was too time consuming for me. Your windows are beautiful.

  3. Thanks Leslie and Lisa. Thru the stainglass door is a Potting Shed {Very small} my husband and I built years ago. It needs an overhaul. The dogs have run thru all winter from the back yard. The floor needs redone and the inside never got painted. Pretty bare bones. Wish I had made bigger. It has a sink with running water, a chandy and alot of dirt. That's about it. judy