Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trading On Church St.

Drove thru the neighborhood today looking at the spring blooms when I  spotted this old  Craftman door. They were replacing with a new one.  Well sick or not I wasn't going to let that door go.  It was just a few doors down to my house so we walked it since I was in the Mustang.   Tried to pay for the man's help, he said no. But then he asked if I had any horse shoes. He saw old tools on my garage wall.   I went in the attic and found him 4 cool rusty horse shoes. I had a bucket of them.  He said only 2 but, I gave him 4.   He wanted them for a bbq handles.   Then just like "My Name I Earl", I thought........ Karma!                    judy


  1. What a wonderful trade! Love the door.

  2. Wonderful find and great exchange!